Friday, September 09, 2005

Music From Ithaca, NY

Here is a great website that offers some great music from local Ithaca, New York. I’ve downloaded some great live music including Plastic Nebraska, Sim Redmond and Samite. Just go to the Funky MP3s link to download some of the live music.


Blogger Thousands said...

Hey, My name is Regan from I-Town Records, and I saw that you are into some I-Town groups like John Brown's Body. We have 5 new albums for release on Sept. 22. Go to the web site and check out some of the new band's and join the mailing list at

The cool thing is that our label is managed by the artists themselves. Personally I play saxophone with THousands of One, a project produced by Elliot Martin of JBB.

7:31 PM  
Blogger sgim said...

Hi Regan,
Thanks for your post.
I went to this morning and emailed a request to join the mailing list. I'm interested in posting additional reviews and news regarding local Ithaca music and ITown records onto this weblog.
Inklings and Impressions (easier said "I & I") is a great source for new technology news, and local Ithaca music news. It's a home for ideas (inklings) and emotions from those ideas (impressions). I would love to post additional information pertaining to ITown Records and would be glad to review new music on this weblog. Please refer to the e-mail I had sent to ITown records this morning for my contact information.
I am very excited to get my hands on a copy of the Thousands of One self-titled album.
Thanks again for your post and I hope you find a favorite in "Inklings and Impressions".

10:00 AM  

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