Monday, November 28, 2005

Perfect Dark Zero is Perfect

Over my vacation, I had the pleasure of spending many hours playing Microsoft's XBox 360, first person shooter debut, Perfect Dark Zero. The graphics and game-play are extremely phenomenal, blowing away any other first person shooter available to date (yes, that includes all versions of Halo). Coming from a huge Halo fan, this means a lot. I did enjoy some Halo parties over vacation and it made me want to get back to Perfect Dark Zero all the more. The bright clarity and graphical attention to detail, provided by the XBox 360 and Perfect Dark Zero, is surpassed by no other first person shooter.

Along with the best available graphics, the game control of Perfect Dark Zero is unsurpassed. The 'Cover' feature, seen in similar fashion by James Bond first person shooters, is greatly useful, and easy to use. It is also very attractive by a graphic standpoint. The weapons are of the best and most realistic you will find in first person shooters, often providing great secondary functions (silencers, look through walls, grenade launchers...). The weapons offering scope ability display range that is pressure sensitive to the left trigger on the controller. As the left trigger zooms, the right trigger prepares for fire. This leaves both thumbs easily available for movement in either scope or non-scope mode.

Yes, combat arena is awesome as expected. Blast your friends in a ton of multi-player games with Perfect Dark Zero.

XBox 360 owners have put aside Halo games for the new generation of online, high definition, first person shooter, Perfect Dark Zero.


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