Sunday, September 11, 2005

Microsoft Continues Teasing Gamers

I often enjoy opening the Microsoft main web page to see if I'm missing anything new to the market. As of late I've been spotting their same old teasing ad of the Xbox 360 and that it's "coming soon". We already have known this, Microsoft. We want to know more though. How soon? When is soon? Next month? I know there are a lot of gamers that are getting very anxious to step into the new world of gaming that is "coming soon". Maybe it’s just that I go there all too often to find any news that may burst my bubble of anxiety, only to find another tease ad.

One thing I do like about Microsoft is that along with their long awaited systems (Vista, Xbox 360) they do sometimes pull a trick or two out of their hat, off the cuff. I’m reminded of the Education Pack for the tablet pc. I open their web page one day and out of thin air is free software for Inklings (tablet pc owners).

Well Microsoft I’d say we’re ready for another trick; something new off the cuff. Or maybe let “soon” become “now’. Let the heads stop spinning 360 degrees in search for your new product… we’re waiting.


Anonymous Phil said...

While a new X-Box would be nice, check this out:
Alienware DHS 5 Media Center
It's an all in one "Convergence" Gaming, computing and Multimedia device. Sweet! just wish I could afford it. :-)

4:39 PM  
Blogger sgim said...

It's interesting that when I say XBox you say Windows Media Center. That brings up a new converstation in itself. I would have to say that the coming XBox is a low-end media center.
If we're talking Windows Media Center consoles though... my pick goes to:
Voodoo Aria
Wish I could afford either. So I may have to settle on the Xbox 360 for the time being.
Maybe Voodoo would let me sample their media center so I could post a review. :)

4:55 PM  

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