Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sharing Notebooks in OneNote 12

OneNote 12 has some more new features that are worth mentioning. In the next version of Microsoft OneNote, we will be able to have multiple notebooks rather than just the one that is currently available in OneNote. This will make for better organization of notes.

OneNote 12 will also allow us to share notebooks among other specified users of OneNote. This will allow a team of people to have access to a notebook and share notes at the same time. The notes other people are taking will be on your computer as well (and searchable) in shared notebooks. These shared notebooks will sync and be auto-merged as note takers go offline and come back online. Microsoft is passing the grade for offering premier forms of communication and knowledge sharing. The following blogs share detailed information regarding these new features:
Chris_Pratley's OneNote Weblog: OneNote 12 - Working as a team with shared notebooks
Owen Braun: OneNote 12: A squadron of notebooks


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