Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thousands of One Unite The Haunt

It was a great pleasure for me to have my first run in with the spirited performers, “Thousands of One”, last night at The Haunt, in Ithaca, NY. Thousands united their fans through rhythms straight out of Congo Square, New Orleans. The atmosphere was fronted by Jhakeem Haltom capturing me with groups of lyrics sung with affecting improvisation and free-style. Saxophone player Regan Carver provided hard bop measures that united the band in groove. Brent Eva was most impressive with solid droppings of bass lines from funk to soul. Brent’s expressions gave him away as having a great time. Tom Sayers’ Telecaster guitar manner gave me glimpses of a subdued Tom Morello, as he experimented with sounds that bounced around the rest of Thousands of One. The backbeat, provided by drummer Joel Blizzard, paced the rhythm.
If you have yet to experience the music of Thousands of One, don’t wait any longer. You can see them perform with John Brown’s Body, on November 19, at Magic City Music Hall, in Binghamton, NY. Don’t wait that long, pick up their new self-titled album at
I-Town Records.


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