Thursday, September 15, 2005

OneNote 12 More Searchable

One of the great features Inklings have with OneNote is the ability to search hand written notes. Before I had a tablet there were countless times that I would ravage through my various notebooks searching feverishly for a note I had taken months ago, most often to no avail. With Microsoft OneNote I no longer have to do the searching. I enter text into a standard search box (like the one below) and OneNote finds every instance of the handwritten or typed notes.

Chris Pratley provided some great information on features planned for OneNote 12 (codename for the next version of OneNote). In this new version Inklings will have enhanced searching capabilities. Through Microsoft research technologies like “OCR” (optical character recognition) and audio/video indexing, OneNote 12 will allow us to search anything we put into our notes.

We will be able to search the contents of scanned and printed documents, screen clippings, and our recorded audio and video within OneNote 12. I thought searching hand writing was cool; these new features will be amazing!

OneNote 12 uses the new Windows Desktop indexed search engine, which means we get our search results instantaneously! You can see Chris Pratley’s article here:
Chris Pratley’s Article


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