Monday, September 12, 2005

High Tech Homes

Surfing the internet brought me to an interesting video link on the Microsoft website. The video takes us on a tour of a futuristic high tech home. Although not too far off in our future, much of what is seen in the video will become real only on the basis of ease of use.

There are some great family and home ideas within this video clip. Our microwaves and other cooking devices should be able to scan bar codes on food packages to determine exactly how to cook the food (taking into account altitude and other variables that impact cooking). We should have instant access to our favorite food recipes, displayed onto our counter tops, based on the ingredients we have in our house at any given time.

Now that’s just the future potential of technology playing a role in our kitchen. We could spread that potential to other rooms within the house, and/or spread the potential to larger scale operations such as restaurants and food service industries.

The high tech homes of the future are in sight. The concepts will take hold based on ease of use. I think you’ll find interest, anticipation and excitement in the following video clip:
High Tech Homes


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