Monday, September 12, 2005

Schultze Gives the Blues

Schultze Gets the Blues, a film by Michael Schorr, is purposefully slow. Schultze drags viewers along. The little emotion we see through Schultze is a lot in comparison to his surroundings, but far less than we hope for. The amount of music we are given (including Schultze) through the film, is never enough to satisfy. We push on and search for the music that may bring new life to Schultze (and the film)... and we push on.

The movie documents Schultze's slow search for a new beginning. It slowly captures Schultze's life after retirement. The movie fails to surround viewers in the new music that captures Schultze.

Schultze Gets the Blues distorts viewer’s senses of proportion. The smallest bit of emotion was significant and large. The slightest change to environment would have such a large impact to the life within the film. Each expel of emotion from the characters seemed to be slightly more than the last. It is difficult to determine if the characters cast too much or too little emotion considering their surrounding and circumstances.

In all, I felt the movie fell short in providing me (and Schultze) with an abundance of music I was hoping for.


Anonymous Maya McMahon said...

Considering the fact that I fell asleep during the first 10 minutes of the movie is proof that it starts slowly. The movie to me was a little confusing and the previews were misleading. From the peviews, I figured that Schultze would be travelling around louisianna listening and playing zydico music. I saw him lift the instrument maybe 3 times and play. And where did he get the little blue boat??? Strange movie. Yet there were some humerous parts to it as well.

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