Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Microsoft Unveils Next Office User Interface

Today Microsoft released some great screen shots and information pertaining to the user interface changes in the next Office Suite (currently in development). You may find information pertaining to these changes (including an address from Bill Gates) here:
The Future of Microsoft Office: Be the first to know

The coming interface is highly graphical and gives users functionality on-demand. We're hoping to have features that are easily accessed in the new interface, without being invasive on our working real estate. The screen captures (like the one above) show an interface that is driven by command tabs rather than menus and toolbars.

The command tabs are dynamic (smart) based on what the user is doing at the given moment. Dynamic previews will also be available to allow the user to see if the changes are desired before they apply the change.

I believe Inklings (tablet pc users) in particular will have a much better experience with the command tabs and the graphical selections provided in the coming Office Suite. Larger selections make for much easier and efficient use with the pen and touch sensitive screens. We'll keep our eyes open for additional features and screen shots.


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