Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santa, I've Been Good...

I’ve come up with my top technology wishes, just in time for Christmas (and for those still looking to get me a gift or two). Perhaps a little more clarification is needed; this wish list is created with the assumption that money is of no concern. After all, Santa’s elves have never been restricted by money. From “Inklings and Impressions”, may everyone’s holiday be blessed with good health, fortune, and cheer.

Fujitsu Stylistic ST5032D Tablet PC – For all the Inklings, this Fujitsu tablet makes the top of my wish list. Of course all the trimmings must be included (tablet dock, dvd writer…).
Fujitsu Tablet

Panasonic AG-HVX200 Handheld HD Video Camera – Although it appears to need both hands to hold this camera, the quality of home videos produced by this handheld camera, makes it among the most drool-friendly of all Christmas wishes.
Panasonic Camcorder

Sony VPL-HS51A Projector with HCS-W80 80" ChromaVue Screen(image placeholder)VPL-HS51AKIT – With many of the other wishes supporting high definition, this wish list can’t be without a high definition television, or in this case projector.
Sony Projector

Microsoft Xbox 360 – Now here is a wish that I already have (I suppose I could sell another on eBay). I have added this to my wish list as I feel it should be on everyone’s wish list this year. High definition Xbox 360 gaming is awesome.
Xbox 360

HP iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC – The only thing that appears to be missing on this wish is the phone ability. This pocket pc is cranking and is hot enough without the phone.
HP Pocket PC

Panasonic Biometrics Access Control Iris Reader BM-ET330 – Ok, so this wish may be a little overkill, but how cool would it be to have the security and the ease of entry from this door access device on my front porch.
Panasonic Biometrics Access Control

Voodoo Aria HTPC Media Center PC – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I want this pc.
Voodoo Aria HTPC Media Center PC

Bose 201® Series V Direct/Reflecting® speaker system – Bose makes sound systems that offer audio clarity like no other. This speaker package sure would sound nice in my living room.
Bose Speaker System


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wow. thanks for your opinion. i think it's great and it does help shed some perspective on my thinking. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!:D and GOD BLESS....


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