Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dream Machine Reviewed

The Voodoo ARIA Media Center PC is reviewed on PCMAG.COM (click image to go to review). This machine is loaded with goodies including a touch screen panel and the ability to rip and store DVD's onto twin 250gb hard drives. This machine is the ultimate in digital entertainment. As we gear for the release of the Xbox 360, media center personal computers are being kept close on our watch list.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


You may have noticed the Xbox site was down for most of the day yesterday. That is because it was given an overhaul in preparation for the release of the Xbox 360. The site is now looking more like the next generation of gaming, next generation meaning next month of course. There are only 28 more days until the Xbox 360 is released to the masses of eagerly awaiting gamers. A ton of new information regarding the coming console may be found on the revamped website.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cross-Platform Gaming Controller

Microsoft announced it would ship a wired controller with core Xbox 360 that will also be compatible for Windows PC gaming. This is the first cross-platform game controller made available by Microsoft. PC gamers just need to download an update to take advantage of the new controller. See details here: Cross-Platform Controller

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

PS3 Preview: Kill Zone 2

Warning, if you read this post and follow the link to the preview, you may just add the PlayStation 3 to your wish list. The preview of Kill Zone 2, mixes movie and game-play modes to give us a glimpse of future gaming. I must admit, Kill Zone 2 looks much better than any previews I’ve seen for Xbox 360 (and I’ve seen quite a lot). The preview does a great job of making you want to see more, and to take control yourself. The sounds in the preview are amazing; they add realism to this shooter. If Kill Zone 2 deploys for the Xbox 360 as well, then I will be a very happy gamer.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sony Vaio FJ Series Adds Color

New Sony Vaio laptops (FJ Series) offer custom colors to fit buyers preference. Individuality is always a big request from buyers. Dare I say they almost look like the customizable Dell covers? I'm kidding, it really is what we want. Can't wait to see these models in person.

Monday, October 10, 2005

New Paint.NET Beta Release Available

If you have yet to check out the free Paint.NET program, you are missing out. This program gets my vote for one of the best and most powerful free programs. A new beta release is available for download with a couple great new features. Text may now be moved to a desired location before it sticks to the canvas. Some performance improvements are added and a few other enhancements which are detailed on the web site.

The application comes with features normally found only in expensive editing software, such as layering and advanced effects. This program is also excellent for Inklings as the canvas paints with a pen sensitive environment. Paint.NET produces complicated results in an extremely simple way.

You'll be so pleased with this program that is will replace your standard Microsoft Paint program as it has mine. Click on the picture to take you to the Paint.NET web site and download yourself a copy of this excellent software.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Windows SideShow Preview

A great demonstration of Windows SideShow is now available in video format at Channel 9 (click image to watch). Windows SideShow allows hardware manufacturers to put displays in new places in hardware. This offers great benefits in ease of computer use, extreme battery saving capabilities and more.

SideShow can be used to provide a small screen displaying quick access to important calendar or e-mail information, media player control or other customizable features programmed into the screen. The screen may be placed on closed laptop lids so users won’t need to open their laptops to get to quick information. This may be incorporated to other hardware as well, as in a small monitor on a remote control, or on the side of a laptop, or on an area of the keyboard. These possibilities are going to make for some great user experiences on top of great hardware.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Inklings Enjoy The MiniBar

Office 12 will feature a floating MiniBar as a method of formatting. Jensen Harris describes the MiniBar in the web link associated with the picture on the left. I feel this feature will be very useful to Inklings. In tablet mode it will allow for quick formatting that would otherwise require a keyboard shortcut or a move of the pen to the top of the screen. With the MiniBar, formatting features are available near the pen tip. The MiniBar also features a stylish animation as it fades in and out as the mouse hovers near and away.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Panasonic Frames

Panasonic is taking the lead on developing flat screen television “frames” that will decorate our modern homes nicely. The frames allow users to create their own unique plasma experience. Eight different frame styles will be available to fit select Panasonic plasma television models. Frame colors include gold, black, pewter, mahogany, walnut and antique white and will run from suggested retail of $399.95 to $499.95.

Connect these televisions to a computer or media device, and have framed slideshows of our digital art or our family pictures; displayed as if in a museum. It seems that this should have been available all along. Although pricey from the start, Panasonic wins the race to decorative plasma styles in our modern homes.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Battalion Wars

"Battalion Wars" is a new single player real time strategy action game, released on September 19, 2005. The game allows you to take control of your forces in battle and manage against clever enemy AI that adjusts to your game play. Many attack vehicles may be piloted and many war weapons may be used. The reviews are coming in quickly and are looking extremely positive. This snippet of a review from ign gives us a real overview:

"If books are judged by their covers then Battalion Wars is very likely to give gamers the wrong impression. Despite its cuddly graphic style and humorous presentation, it is at its core a battle-heavy war game. Gunfights rage. Buildings explode and yes, soldiers do die."